I believe that every one of you has a special message to the world, something special that only you
have. You are unique, you have a special gift that G-D gave you to share, to show others how you
can help them.

My dream is to help you show who you really are in the best way possible, so other people can see
how you can help them.
Because there is no second chance to make a first impression, and you want to make sure you
deliver the right message to your audience.
Your client needs to know you, to love you, to trust you, and then they will buy from you. This is
especially true nowadays when Google is the go-to place to request a service. You want to make
sure your potential clients have a good impression of you.

I am here to help you with that by creating outstanding images and videos for you that will promote
your brand or business in the best possible way – because YOUR BUSINESS IS YOU!

Remember, the second you came into this world is the second that G-d decided the world can’t
mange without you (Breslov saying).
Don’t hesitate to contact me – I love to listen to people and work with them, and am open to
working with new ideas.
Let’s have a chat - how many sugars do you take in your coffee? It’s all ready and waiting for you!

Do You Have A Talent For Photography, You Enjoy Taking Pictures?

Come and learn how to improve your photography skills as a hobby or learn how to become a professional photographer


"Tova is a pleasure to work with. Takes fabulous pictures and so quickly and easily. I would highly recommend Tova!"

— Yocheved Gershon

"My wife and I asked for a series of photos taken by Tova a few years ago. The reason was both business and private. Very professionally and courteously, Tova took excellent photos of us that we very much loved. She artistically directed & positioned us is various postures that presented us at our best, and took the photos at the right moment for the best possible outcome. We were very happy with the results and thank Tova very much for her excellent performance!"

— Hagai J. Shalev

"Tova is a professional photographer. Would recommend her for all photographic needs."

— Alex Marks

"Tova photographed me with a lot of sensitivity and professionalism, her work is excellent and I recommend using her good services"

— Efi Rosenberg

"Thanks, Tova for the recent photoshoot and Headshot. It was surprisingly fun and the photos you produced were excellent. No idea why it had taken me so long to update my headshot. Thanks again👍"

— Michael Goldman

"I highly recommend Tova for professional and corporate portrait photography. Not only is she a great photographer and editor she helped me feel comfortable and at ease whilst she took my photo. Once she had taken a few photos she showed me what she had taken, I was able to select my favourite and Tova edited these and sent my multiple options to choose from. I enjoyed the results so much I’m now using one as my profile picture!"

— Aaron Redican

"Tova took family portraits, she was excellent. She was calm, positive, and professional. She gave far more value than I thought possible. I would highly recommend taking on her services."

— Faigy Liebermann

"I approached Tova for a professional-looking headshot for my business profile. Working with her was a joy from start to finish: she put me at ease very quickly and listened to what I wanted, creating a range of really great shots that I could choose from. Editing was done rapidly and the finished product was with me in a very short time. Her bubbly personality, along with her passion for what she does, ensured that I could relax and enjoy the photoshoot - she got great results and I'd recommend her whatever type of photograph you're after. I shall be asking Tova for a family portrait next, as some of the work she's done is gorgeous! Thank you so much, Tova!"

— Lois Cliff

"Tova is a natural! I don’t believe I am photogenic and it took Tova 1shot to create a photo I love!! Thank you Tova"

— Michelle Segal

"Tova is amazing, very professional and she puts you at ease!!!! So happy I selected her to do my business photos!!! Thank you so much Tova you are brilliant!!"

— Lindsey Joseph

"Totally relaxed experience and managed to put 3 of us at ease and to get some really great photographs. Great work"

— Steve Paton

"We had a great experience getting some family photos with Tova. The photoshoot was fun and the pictures are fantastic! I'd recommend Tova to anyone wanting to get some professional photos done. Thanks, Tova."

— Andy Wilde

"I would highly recommend Tova. She puts a lot of effort into her work and it shows with the quality of the images she takes! Tova is a perfectionist and can't help you enough. I would not hesitate to recommend her for all photography needs."

— Asa Hosler

"Fantastic service and fantastic outcome to some professional shots required. I highly recommend Tova for your photography needs. Thanks again Tova"

— Avrom Aronson

"Tova is a talented professional with a clear passion for her work and an ability to make her clients relax for the camera. If you want to capture the magic of an important occasion or the personality of an individual subject, give her a call!"

— Andrew Thorp

"Fantastic videography at my wedding last week would highly recommend A**"

— Yis Hanson

"Tova is an amazing human being. Not only is she an excellent photographer but she's also a great teacher. Tova helped me with improving my photography skills and my Adobe Photoshop skills. I am not competent with both and it's all because of Tova's helpThank you Tova. I would recommend you to anyone."

— Danny Riley

"Tova is a very talented Photographer. She knows how to make you look your best and is patient with you to get the perfect shot that you like! Would highly recommend Tova for all photography. William Kornbluth Willkates Ltd"

— William Kornbluth

"Tova is hands down the best photographer I have worked with. I hate photos at the best of times but she truly made me feel at ease. I highly recommend!!"

— Dean Braiden
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