Case Study

Paula and Dean have set up their own marketing business together. Wanting some good photos for their feature in magazines, they came to me after seeing my posts on LinkedIn.

This lovely couple were ideal subjects to photograph; you can see here how well they work together and look forward to building their business as a couple. It was one of the hottest days this summer - poor Dean was sweating buckets in his suit, but they were so good-natured it really worked out well. They are one of the most amazing couples I have met!

Dean apologised that he couldn't get to a barber to have his Afro cut - due to Covid19, but he still came for his photoshoot and look how well it turned out!

We had Leah, my makeover artist here to help Paula look her best. Paula looks lovely in her natural state, but after Leah's magic, just look how she has transformed!

Actually, it was quite a miracle that Paula and Dean came for their photoshoot today; Paula fell off her bike recently and injured her wrist. But still, the intrepid couple came down to my studio and took off her bandage for the pictures.

Paula has a seasonal colour app on her phone which helps her choose clothes which complement her look. Amazing to see how her clothes matched her skin tone aswell.

So how does a photoshoot at Tova Studio work?

First Dean messaged me on LinkedIn after seeing my posts and liking my work. I scheduled a Zoom consultation where we talked about what they want, and we looked at different pictures online to get an idea of what types of pictures they are looking for. We looked at their clothes and decided which would be appropriate (but we didn't realise just how hot it would be. I'm not sure Dean would have chosen this suit if he would have realised!)

At the end of the consultation, we booked a mutually convenient time for our shoot. A few days later I sent Paula and Dean the pictures and they close their favourite shots.

So, Which is your favourite?

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