Case Study

Andy and Carolyn are a lovely couple who live in Southport. I got to know them because I am a BNI member and they are the Chapter Director Consultants in Manchester South. They are both so nice; they really listen to what the group members have to say and do what they can to make things work better for all of us.

The couple both work in networking and are so good at what they do so when Carolyn asked me to take pictures of them for their websites, I was really happy to oblige and help them out.

Andy and Carolyn came to my studio for their photo shoot, and while Leah, my makeup artist, was working on Carolyn, I took pictures of Andy.  To be honest, Andy didn’t really have patience for the photography session at all, but in the manner of all good husbands, he came along because Carolyn very much wanted him to! Thumbs up for a good man!

Even so, Andy was kind enough to leave a very complimentary note on my website. He wrote, “What an amazing experience we had. My wife loves the photos and the memory of the time having them taken. Thanks Tova.”

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