Case Study

Annie connected with me while I was on holiday in Switzerland after finding me on LinkedIn – she has opened a new business and wanted pictures. Annie works in project management, business consulting and corporate training with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

We had a mini consultation while still on holiday – it was freezing, snowing and I was looking forward to being back in Manchester. After I came home, she came to my studio for a consultation.

When Annie came to my studio, my makeup artist worked her usual magic and then we started taking pictures.

After a series of preliminary portraits, we drove to town to our pre-planned locations, although we made an unscheduled stop at a park for some more pictures. I like to offer a series of different backgrounds and locations when I can.

The Central Library was our next stop; Annie looks very professional here next to the old library doors. Afterwards we went to a café for our next lot of photos.

The minute we finished the pictures it started to rain – I had to hide my camera under my coat to protect it!

I have had my eye on this café for ages – as soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted to take clients here for pictures; this was my first time actually using it. Since it was morning, the café was empty, and the management were happy for us to take photos there. It is so pretty with the flowers on the low wall bordering the seating area.

Annie wanted to show her clients a peek into how she works and this was the perfect venue for these shots with her laptop.

There was a beautiful sun shining – even though it was so cold – look how the sunlight brings out the features of her face so well.

Notice how in some pictures when I focus my camera on Annie, the main subject of the picture is very sharp and the greenery around her is faded, whereas in other shots the flowers are part of the picture itself. I like using these different techniques for portraits as they all give diverse effects for the client to then choose from.

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