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Just look at these beautiful pictures in Beth’s house! She wanted the pictures taken in her own place because they really show her at her own best.

Beth is a Master Practitioner in various therapies as well as a Master Coach. She has over 25 years' experience in these areas, and has created a powerful coaching methodology that brings excellent results, allowing clients to move forward with calm and confidence.

When I came into Beth’s house for her scheduled photo shoot, I felt it was the perfect venue – her house really mirrors her personality and successes. I love the colours and design of the rooms.


As someone who connects so well with people through her work, Beth really wanted pictures that show her doing what she does best; here you can see her meeting a client – obviously not a real one for confidentiality reasons, working on her computer, and doing yoga as well! We also took some outdoor poses in her lovely garden.


Beth was very pleased with how the photo shoot went – she is looking forward to using these beautiful pictures on her website to boost her image and brand herself to her potential clients.


Where would you choose your ideal photo shoot? Does your home have that unique ‘me’ feel that would sell yourself to clients? Or do you prefer your office instead?


Call me for a chat to see how we can maximise your strengths to produce the perfect pictures.







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