Case Study

Naomi has an amazing invention and I was thrilled when she asked me to help her market it.

How many times has it happened that you are out in the rain and your coat doesn’t have a hood? And have you ever tried holding an umbrella when you are loaded down with shopping bags – or even worse – whilst pushing a pram?!


Naomi came up with this really great idea, and what’s more, she didn’t just leave it as an idea but went ahead and designed and marketed her HoodToGo.


As you can see on the pictures, the hood is attached to a small sleeveless piece which you put on under your coat. It is very small and light – not bulky at all.


At our first meeting Naomi wanted me to do some short video clips for her. She wanted to show the hood in real – when it was raining, and fortunately for us the weather cooperated! It was indeed raining when Naomi came and we were able to create the videos she wanted. In the end we produced nine video clips together which really showed the use of the hood in different ways. Naomi was delighted with the results.


I also took pictures of Naomi wearing the hood in different angles and positions. You can see here how simple and clever the design is, and how it lays so smoothly against her coat. Also notice how it protects her hairstyle without getting in the way of it when it is not being worn.


Have you designed a clever product and would like help marketing it? Never underestimate the power of good pictures! Call me so I can help you show the world – and all your potential clients – your brilliant invention!

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