Case Study

Katie called me after finding me on LinkedIn, as we are both mutual friends with David Jones (David is also a lawyer and he is in my BNI group.) I was in holiday in Italy when she called, and she wanted to know if I could take pictures of her for her website as she wasn’t happy with her current ones – while they were very good pictures, Katie didn’t feel they showed her in the best light.

Katie is a lawyer who specialises in all aspects of family law, but with a particular interest in high net worth divorce, private children matters and wealth protection.

We scheduled a consultation as soon as I came back from holiday; since Katie is very busy we booked the consultation in Manchester City Centre in the central library as she was in the area anyway. I'm happy to meet up with my clients either in my studio or wherever else meets their needs better. I also do zoom or phone consultations if that is what works best for them. I find I need this consultation to understand exactly what the client needs so I can give them the pictures which are best for them.

I met Katie and I was happy to see that we ‘clicked’ right away. Katie explained to me what she does – as her work involves helping families who are going through the difficulties of divorce, I could see what a lovely person she is and how she does her job from her heart.

We sat near the computer in the library and I showed Katie photos I have taken in the past, as well as pictures from the internet to get ideas, and she showed me what she likes and dislikes. We built an inspiration board with the photos she liked (poses, clothes, background etc.) to help me create the most effective photo shoot for Katie.

Katie saw a photo of a lady with a red top (she likes red tops very much) but when I took photos with her wearing one, she didn't like the picture at all.

It’s important to know that sometimes a person really suits a certain dress or colour, but doesn’t look good in it on photos, and also vice versa – something you don’t like so much can looks fabulous on a picture! That’s why I tell clients to bring quite a few different tops/outfits to try to find the one which is the most photogenic.

We are lucky that it’s all digital nowadays! I can take as many photos as I want until the client and I are happy (as opposed to traditional film which I used when I started photography - then you had to think twice before taking each picture).

Also, as it is digital, while I'm taking the photos, I show them straight to the client so they can see if they like it and change their clothes accordingly.

After a few days we met again in the library to look through the photos. Katie was amazed and very happy how well they came out. I gave her the pictures in both colour and black and white.

Katie kindly commented, ‘Tova has recently taken some beautiful professional photographs for use on my digital profiles. She has such a natural way, and really managed to capture "me" in natural and relaxed shots. She arranged for a makeup artist to do my makeup which looked great in the final photos. She was careful also to talk through what I wanted from my photos before the shoot in a separate meeting, and she took the time to understand me and my business, before searching for some inspiration from photos we had seen online. I would highly recommend her!!

With Katie I have gained a new friend for life! And I wish her that she will only deal with happy cases from now on!


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