Case Study

How interesting is the outside of your front door? At first glance it is not a very photogenic background for pictures, but having been a photographer for so many years, I have come to see things with different eyes. I look for contrast in colours and textures; the brick walls complement the greenery perfectly to create the perfect backdrops for these photos of Tim. I like to match the setup of my pictures to the subject I am photographing, and the "city street" background really gives Tim the businessman look he was aiming for.

Something that photographers - both amateur and professional - need to take into account when shooting pictures outdoors is the position of the sun. It is important to be creative and find the best poses accordingly. I love the way how a picture taken in the very same outdoor spot can look so different if taken at 7am, 3pm or later in the evening.

Tim has recently opened a new business; he is the MD of Incentive Manager and specialises in business management, and of course he wanted the perfect pictures for his profile and website.

I was very happy that Tim could come to my studio early in the morning while my children were still sleeping; he came at 7am and we took pictures both in the studio and outside in the street. Tim like a 'black and white' style which he saw on my website and I tried to recreate to for him. He brought a few shirts with to enable him to have different looks on some photos. Tim had some ideas in mind for poses, and I was also to suggest some other ones which he liked.

After the photo session I showed him the photos; Tim found it hard to choose because he really liked them all, but eventually he chose 28 photos which he felt captured his image the best!

Tim wrote "I commissioned Tova for a corporate photoshoot and was overwhelmed by the results. I ended up with images that can be used across a variety of different mediums. I would highly recommend getting professional shots done by Tova"

Here's a challenge for you. Go outside and have a look at your front doorstep and street and try to see it as a backdrop for some photos. What would you go for - a family portrait setup or some corporate headshots? Whichever you choose, the end result will be even better than you imagined! Give me a call to help turn your dream into reality.

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